The members of the WOrC Psy Lab are developing research in work and organizational psychology. The meaning of WOrC refers to Work, Organizational, and Career. This research aims at studying psychological principles applied to organizational settings, in order to enhance employee well-being and organizational performance. Specifically, the main research interests of the WORC lab members are:


  • Aging and age management at work

  • Discrimination in the workplace

  • Emotions and emotional intelligence during job stransitions

  • Emotional labor

  • Gender and work

  • Health and well-being at work

  • Job strain

  • Job transition

  • Organizational dehumanization

  • Perceived organizational/supervisor support

  • Person-environment fit

  • Professional recognition

  • Social diversity and minorities’ integration

  • Unemployment as a stigmata

  • Vocational interests

  • Work behaviors (e.g., presenteeism, green behaviors at work)

  • Work engagement


The WOrC Psy Lab members are engaged in both basic and applied research on these topics.

The WOrC Psy Lab is based within the Institute of Research in Psychological Sciences at the UCLouvain, Belgium.