PhD Projects

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Constantin Lagios

Supervisors : Gaëtane Caesens & Florence Stinglhamber

The PhD project focuses on the emloyee-employer relationship and, more precisely, on the deshumanization construct. It examines the organizational and work-related factors that may lead to organizational dehumanization, as well as the harmful consequences it has for both employees and organizations. It also aims at identifying the mechanisms that may explain these deleterious consequences.

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Noémie Brison

Supervisor : Gaëtane Caesens

The PhD project aims at examining the relationship between workplace ostracism and organizational dehumanization. It further seeks to identify the explaining mechanisms and the deleterious consequences of this relationship for employees as well as for organizations. It also aims at studying how employees belonging to minorities experience ostracism in organizational settings. 

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Emma Sarter

Supervisor : Annalisa Casini


Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, the PhD project is centered on the study of transphobia, that is to say the “stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination directed toward individuals that are or are perceived to be transgender” (Morrison, Bishop, Gazzola, McCutcheon, Parker & Morrison, 2017, p. 1). Emma is also interested in both the causes of this phenomenon and its consequences on trans* people’s well-being and self-perception. 


Aside from the main project, Emma work on the construction of a scale measuring emotions and behaviours that cisgender people are likely to adopt when interacting with trans* individuals in daily life situations. 

Finally, a smaller part of my work consists in giving trainings to professionals who regularly interact with trans* clients or patients and aim to develop a more inclusive practice. 

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Michaël Parmentier

Supervisor : Frédéric Nils

Michaël is currently a PhD student and a teaching and research assistant in Organizational and Vocational Psychology. The aim of his PhD is to investigate how individuals emotionally anticipate several major educational and career transitions: the transition from high school to higher education, the transition from higher education to the job market, and the transition from unemployment to employment. More specifically, he is interested in investigating the specific combinations of emotional anticipation as well as several antecedents (e.g., career adaptability, emotion regulation) and outcomes (e.g., vocational behaviors) of individuals' emotional anticipation at the prospect of these transitions.


Thomas Pirsoul

Supervisor : Frédéric Nils

The PhD project aims to investigate the role of emotional intelligence in career development. As the majority of studies were cross-sectional and focused on variable-centered approches, the aims of this project is to extend the investigation of emotional intelligence with longitudinal and person-centered approaches in career development.


Postdoc Projects

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Nathan Nguyen

Supervisor : Florence Stinglhamber

Professional life requires emotion management from employees. The management of emotions, called emotional labor, is defined as the understanding, the appraisal, and the management of one’s own emotions at work, in connection with the emotions of others. Much of the existing literature on emotional labor was devoted to the identification of factors that lead employees to perform emotional labor as part of their job. Among them, the quality of treatment received is a situational factor that has received considerable attention from scholars. Several studies indeed indicate that employees who feel mistreated by customers/patients, colleagues, or supervisor are more likely to perform emotional labor. None of these studies, however, has considered the potential influence of a mistreatment from the organization as a whole (i.e., organizational dehumanization). As such, the goal of our research is to shed light on the relationship between organizational dehumanization and emotional labor.