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“The influence of perceived organizational support on employees' attitudes and behaviors: Examination of a relative perception” (2012-2016). Doctoral dissertation by Gaëtane Caesens. Advisor: Florence Stinglhamber

Perceived organizational support (POS) has been defined as the employees' global beliefs that the organization values their contributions and cares about their well-being (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, & Sowa, 1986). This topic has been largely investigated in the literature in organizational psychology. Surprisingly, however, social comparison processes intervening in this perception were totally neglected in this literature. Filling this gap, the objective of this research project is to examine the effects of a relative, and not absolute, perception of organizational support on employees’ attitudes and behaviors at work.


“Ingroup bias and discrimination from high status groups: context influence and underlying processes” (2010-2014). Doctoral dissertation by Marie Courtois. Advisor: Ginette Herman

Discrimination is still very present at the work place. Crandall and Eshleman (2003) propose a heuristic model that predicts expression of the prejudice. Two forces are into play. The first force consists in the suppression of prejudice. That is a motivated attempt to reduce, deny or avoid the expression of prejudice. The second force is justification. It refers to processes that can serve as an opportunity to express prejudice without incurring sanction. These processes will be studied from the perspective of high status groups, namely, managers who have some power in their organizations and in interaction with organizational context.

“More competent but less warm? Perceptions about volunteers and organizational consequences in the changing context of volunteer work” (2012-2016). Doctoral dissertation by Edwine Goldoni. Advisors: Donatienne Desmette and Ginette Herman

Volunteering has received an increasing interest in work and organizational psychology. However, little is known about relations between paid workers and volunteers. Furthermore, recent studies in social economy show that social enterprises (SE) are turning more professional, for instance by adjusting their managerial practices. This may blur occupational role in SE and increase competition between paid and non-paid workers. The objective of this project is to examine the effects of the professionalization of SE on intergroup relations between paid workers and volunteers (e.g., stereotypes, emotions and behaviors) as well as identity dynamics developed by these two groups. The consequences for individuals (e.g., well-being) and organisations (e.g., job satisfaction and intention to stay) are also examined. 


“The influence of employer branding on candidates' and employees' attitudes and behaviors” (2007-2013). Doctoral dissertation by Dorothée Hanin. Advisors: Florence Stinglhamber and Nathalie Delobbe

The purpose of our research is to understand how candidates and employees perceive communications diffused by a/their company about the benefits (e.g., tangibles and intangibles) it offers as an employer (employer branding) and the influence of these perceptions on their attitudes and behaviors. Moreover, this project aims to study psychological mechanisms that might explain these relationships (i.e. perceived organizational support; feelings of organizational pride). 


“Organizational identification and affective commitment: An integrative approach” (2009-2013) Doctoral dissertation by Géraldine Marique.


« Abandonner le contrôle sans perdre le contrôle : Une investigation du rôle de la confiance des subordonnés envers leur manager comme un levier potentiel du contrôle organisationnel » (2012) Doctoral dissertation by Fabrice De Zanet. Advisors: Florence Stinglhamber and Jean-Marie Dujardin, HEC-ULg


“Ageism at work: Impact of social and organizational context” (2008-2012) Doctoral dissertation by Caroline Iweins. Advisors: Donatienne Desmette and Vincent Yzerbyt


« Les processus de justification dans la discrimination à l’embauche » (2011) Doctoral dissertation by Stéphanie Delroisse. Advisors: Ginette Herman and Vincent Yzerbyt

« Lorsque l’âge se fait menace : Une analyse psychosociale du vieillissement au travail » (2008) Doctoral dissertation by Mathieu Gaillard. Advisors: Donatienne Desmette and Pierre Feyereisen

« Des conséquences de la stigmatisation aux stratégies de défense de soi: le cas des personnes sans emploi » (2005) Doctoral dissertation by David Bourguignon.  Advisors: Ginette Herman and Vincent Yzerbyt

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